Sunday, October 31, 2010

New Project

Coming up in the beginning of December, I have a group show that I will be in.  Against my personal wishes, the show is entitled "Senses: Senses".  And, you guessed it, has to do with the senses.  I've been putting a lot of thought into how I feel and what I consider sensory.  My first thought was to do a lovely charcoal drawing of hip bones against a smokey background.  Now, I still planning on doing it, but I've come up with a different idea for the show.  Being a spinner and a knitter, I've been wanting to get more involved in fiber art and using those techniques to create sculptural objects.

I feel that fiber and knitted objects are very sensory.  Having grown up all my life with a knitter (my mother), I find it to be a very comforting thing as well as warm and welcoming.  Knitted objects are inviting and touching them makes a person feel safe.  And so, while it is late in the game, I've decided to embark on a very ambitious project.  I would like to spin several pounds of bulky, lumpy yarn in natural, rustic colors in a single ply and then knit up a large cocoon of sorts.  A cocoon that would be big enough to crawl into with many layers and flaps sewn inside.  I would need to find an armature strong enough to carry the weight of the knitted piece, but also something that is flexible.  I would not want it to be hard and stiff (i.e. steel).  I'm thinking something along the lines of a pup-tent in regards to the armature.

In conclusion, I have a month to spin up a shitload of yarn and knit up a huge piece.  As my boyfriend has pretty much already said (but in different words), I'm fucked.

Here is a piece I did a few years ago.  I feel the piece I plan on doing now will be an extension of this.

After an appointment to show an apartment in Crown Heights today at 1, I plan on scurrying off to The Yarn Tree to buy several more pounds of fiber to start spinning!

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