Monday, June 20, 2011

2008 Phoenix Mt. ShuiXian Dancong

Last night I began brewing a phoenix tea for the first time. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't ideal- instead it was the ideal day to go to the beach (as I did end up doing)- hot and dry.

I found the dry leaf aroma to be rather young and green with fruity tones. The wet leaf aroma, on the other hand had a very strong raspberry scent but almost had some sour undertones, along with notes of oats (sorry, couldn't resist rhyming).

Now for the flavor!...but not.

I'm actually going to wait, and re-record ideas about the flavor because in all honesty, I really messed up steeping the tea. Last night, I realized that I have a tendency to wait too long when steeping. Instead of starting lightly, seeing how the flavor is and adjusting from there, I go straight into steeping for a while (you know, a "macho" steep) before tasting and by that time, it's usually been steeped too long and it's impossible to "repair" the next steep.

That being said, an important lesson has been learned and I am planning on trying again and experimenting once more tonight, this time hopefully with more interesting results.

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