Sunday, April 17, 2011

Golden Buddha Hand

I've been meaning to post about this for a while but being the last 2 weeks of classes, times have been very busy.  I was asked to record a more "scientific" (as I define it) description of what I do when I pour tea.  This should be good since I am doubtlessly making endless mistakes when I pour tea for myself at home...all starting with the heat of the water and length of steeping time.

Something I am concerned about is burning, or bruising the teas.  I worry about using water that is too hot that will negatively affect the leaves, but more specifically, I am worried that I won't be able to tell the difference....alas, I suppose it is something that, like with anything, takes time to learn.

Golden Buddha Hand Notes:

Morning, 8am.  Sunny outside-upper 40's, low 50's (I forget the specific day, but I believe this was on Tuesday, April 12th)

Warmed gaiwan and cup with near boiling water.

Warmed dry leaves: fresh, very green and young

Rinse: waited a bit before rinsing but only let the water sit for a few seconds

1st steep:
             - 10 sec (water very hot)
             - leaves already opening
             - flavor weak but young, eggy

2nd steep:
             - cooler water
             - 15-20 sec
             - stronger flavor- eggier, astringent
             - flavor affects upper palate

3rd steep:
             - still cooler water- longer steep

4th steep:
             - reboiled water
             - steeped for 10 sec

Appears to be more flavor with cooler water and longer steep.  This would make sense however, since this is a younger leaf, and thus, is more gentle...

Since then, I have been steeping the leaves overnight and drinking the cool tea in the morning.  Refreshing!


  1. Was this more of the kind of notes you were looking for?

    Also, Dae had me steep a white tea on Monday. Right now I forget the name, however she told me it was a good learning tea since one can readily taste changes and different notes within the leaves as different elements are changed when making it.