Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mystery Tea!

Last week I received an unlabeled "mystery tea" from Tim and Dae (from The Mandarin Tea Room and The Tea Gallery, respectively) to sample and "play with".  Sadly, it's been a very busy week and as I am going to The Tea Gallery tomorrow, I am forced to finally sample it now, last minute.

As soon as I opened it, I was very excited.  The leaves are wonderfully rolled and slightly browned (bruising?).  Upon sniffing the warmed, dry leaves I knew immediately that I had tasted it before.  It is particularly pungent with a nutty, roasted smell but also a certain unidentified floral scent.

The tea itself yields a beautifully deep rustic orange color.  The flavor is a strong whirlwind of flavors but bitter (and not in a bad way).  Slightly citric?

It leaves a sweet impression on the tip of my tongue.

And finally, my guess is that it is an Anxi tea, specifically the High Fired TikwanYin.

(Lastly, I took a picture of my dismal, tea tasting area of the table to show what sort of an environment I was working in and realized that the picture was just too embarrassingly bad to show.  I must attempt to reclaim the apartment...again)

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